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Olesea Baker

Olesea Baker


Olesea is pronounced "Oh-lay-see-uh."
Olesea specializes in:  
  • helping to build financial plans by attending client meetings, gathering documents, running our high-end planning software and creating client reports.
  • assisting in finding models and solutions that fit our clients' needs.
Olesea's Background
Olesea grew up in Moldova, a beautiful Eastern European country. As the daughter of a doctor and an accountant, she developed a deep-rooted calling to help people and an unusual love for numbers.
She attended the State Agrarian University of Moldova and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and Construction, with a minor in Cadastral Engineering. She continued her education at McNeese State University, where she earned a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. Currently, Olesea is working towards her Master's Degree in Business Administration at McNeese State University and her Series 7 License.
She began her career as an Office Administrator, then became a Mortgage Loan Processor for over two years before joining Toujours Planning. With her attention to detail, strong work ethic and love of figuring out numerical puzzles, the financial planning industry is a great fit for her talents. She will pursue her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification after she earns her Series 7 License.
Olesea's Philosophy & Interests
Olesea loves to travel, experience new cultures, and learn different languages. Together with her husband Geoff, they enjoy exploring interesting places and meeting new people. She prefers reading non-fiction books, especially ones that challenge her perceptions or give her a better understanding of people. At home, she enjoys making desserts for her loved ones, and is happiest when her house is warm and smells like vanilla. On Sundays, you can often catch Olesea hosting her friends over for coffee and her signature crepes.
Olesea motto isn't a pursuit of happiness, however, it is a pursuit of excellence. When she is striving to better herself at work and in her personal relationships, she believes this is the true road to happiness.
Olesea's Education and Licensing
B.S. Cadastral Engineering
G.C. Business Administration
Real Estate License