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Danielle Granger Nava

Danielle Granger Nava

Director of Client Relations, VP

Danielle’s Background
Entrepreneurship & marketing came natural to Danielle at an early age. After quickly learning that the lemonade stand business isn’t lucrative when you live on a dead-end street, she moved on to selling her crafts out of her dad’s cigar boxes during recess. And during her middle school yearbook staff days, she developed a knack for witty taglines for pictures.

Danielle graduated Suma Cum Laude at Sulphur High School and she earned a B.S. in Business Marketing at LSU.

When social media was introduced to the world, she was consumed with all the ways to use it, especially for business purposes. In the summer of 2013, when Danielle moved to New Orleans, she started a blog called “showmeyournola” that now has 27,000 followers on Instagram, and it also led to a side social media management business.

Before joining her family’s practice in 2015, Danielle had worked with entrepreneurs and family business owners as a marketing, social media, and business strategy consultant for 10 years. Little did she know that this experience was priming her to become the yin to her brother’s yang in their family wealth management business.

Just as Danielle was realizing her true passion was in building relationships, she received an invitation from her brother to join the family business to utilize her unique skills—a strong marketing background with an innate finance upbringing.

Danielle’s Philosophy & Interests
Danielle thrives on connecting and striving towards bigger & better things with anyone who has goals and the tenacity to work towards them. There’s nothing she loves more than a win-win relationship and a productive & creative collaboration—which is “where the magic happens.”

“Trust is of the utmost importance, not only in all relationships, but especially in our industry. When there is mutual trust and a solid, cohesive plan we are working on together, that’s my favorite part of the job,” she says.

Outside of Toujours Planning, her and Dustin’s podcast titled “Worth It” and studying for her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, Danielle’s passions include food, travel, photography and blogging. She loves sharing her unique perspective on everything from where to find the hidden local gems in a city to sharing tips on how to make life, money & travel easier.

Danielle is married to Andres Nava, a Venezuelan native, and they live in a historical home (est. 1885) in downtown Lake Charles with their two cats, Ludo & Niko. She can often be found jogging along the lake, hanging out at the local festivals downtown and taking pictures wherever she goes.

Danielle’s Licensure & Education:

B.S. Business Administration, Marketing, Louisiana State University (LSU)

Series 7 (held through LPL Financial)

Series 66 (held through GWM Advisors)

Licensed Insurance Producer