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Our Story

Toujours Plannning throughout the years


Glenn Granger started his financial planning practice with A.G. Edwards & Sons. Glenn built a solid practice based on trust, integrity and long-term relationships.


A couple years after graduating from LSU in 2002, in recognition of his personal and professional achievements, his son Dustin was invited to join “the family business.”


Glenn and Dustin were ready—yet again—to grow the family business, and Danielle Granger Nava, Dustin's sister and Glenn's daughter, was warmly welcomed to the team.

After many years of working in a corporate setting, the Granger team longed to start their own business to showcase their distinct talents and build their own brand.


Then after a great deal of careful thought and planning, Toujours Planning, LLC was founded on March 23rd, 2017 as a part of LPL Financial’s national network of independent financial service providers.

The name Toujours Planning stems from the family’s motto, “Toujours Granger,” which is French for “Always Granger” and it epitomizes their zest for life while also acknowledging their heritage.